Other Services I offer

Christopher Hope MA, UKCP

It sometimes happens that I am asked to provide professional advice and help with respect to a child or parent’s circumstances where an assessment or a specific intervention is requested. I cannot replace a solicitor or legal representative. However, I can give advice regarding factors which might be affecting a child’s welfare and development. I am well placed to provide this since I have worked for many years within local authority children and family services and also practiced as an ABE trained child protection social worker. I have also worked with children and young people who are looked after and cared for outside their family homes.


Within my professional  capacity I can provide  assessments  which include the following: 

  • Parenting assessments. (I am a qualified PAMS Assessor)
  • Independent welfare assessments.
  • Fostering assessments
  • Specialist Adoption support to children and their parents.
  • Assistance to families and children who are involved in welfare disputes
  • Support during contact and assessments between separated parents and their children
  • Psychotherapy and clinical support when directed by the court or statutory agencies. 
  • I can assist   solicitors when there are disputes which need to be resolved in the best interests of children. I have many years’ experience preparing court reports and giving evidence in court proceedings. 
  • There are also   occasions when I am asked to   assess contact between parents or carers in order to better understand their relationships and where children are experiencing the trauma of parental separation. 
  • I speak fluent Spanish and have lived and worked in multicultural environments which enable me to understand the need for cultural sensitivity. 
  • I believe firmly in working together with other professionals, the child’s family and community when there are risks for the safety of children. In my work as an experienced social worker and therapist I understand the need for sensitivity and getting the balance right between confidentiality and different points of view regarding children’s welfare. 
  • My experience as a qualified Psychotherapist means I can ensure the views of   children are clearly represented when this is unclear to everyone involved in a child or children’s lives.

Qualifications and relevant training

MA Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
Diploma in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling Supervision:
Achieving Best Evidence (ABE)
Diploma in Social Work
Advanced Award – “Inter professional Practice Teaching”, UEA
BSc (Hons) Psychology, North East London Polytechnic

Professional Memberships
UKCP Clinical Psychotherapist membership number: 2011167188
Social Work Registration number: SW27151
MBPsS : Member of the British Psychological Society Graduate member 322858
Fitness to practice: Fully Enhanced DRB

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Member of the Child Psychotherapy Council logo