Psychotherapy & Counselling client testimonials.

Thank you leaving the door open and thank you for all your support. I really feel that A has made great progress. (parent)

Dear Christopher, You saw my wife – briefly for some therapy which was very effective and wish to send you my thanks.

His mood is much improved by the excitement of returning to his old school in September.The advice, guidance, strength and support we have received from you has truly been second to none! Thank you so much. (Parenting Advice and Support) 

Later last year, I found myself in an incredibly challenging and upsetting workplace situation, unlike anything I had encountered before. I never had the need for therapy before and was quite apprehensive about it. At the beginning of 2024, I started working with Chris, and he has been invaluable in my journey. Chris is extremely professional, and his years of experience shine through when you talk to him. He is also super funny and an all-around genuinely kind person. His way of speaking and questioning helps you make sense of the mess in your head. I am not sure where I would be without his support. GK (Adult Female Client)

Don’t think I’ve forgotten you…impossible! You changed my life in more ways than you know. You are the first person who truly heard me and that was so important for me. Thank you for the incredible insight into my own life. Sending you a big, fat hug!!
Adult Survivor of Abuse

Just to let you know that C and I are still together  –  and doing really well.   I always tell everyone that it was entirely due to you and our counselling sessions! –
and it’s fantastic that apart from the usual ups and downs and occasional challenges! there’s been absolutely no slippage back to previous behaviours  So thank you so very much again. (Couple)

Dear Chris, My Son’s mood is much improved thank you. H (parent)

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for all the help you have given us so far, it really has been invaluable in helping M get to a stage where I am confident she will progress to a much more normal contact situation with her father:) Parent of a 12 year old child) 

Thank you Chris and thank you for the flexible approach you have taken to support this family. The work you are doing with the parents is absolutely vital to ensure that M has the right support moving forward. The worst case scenario does not bear thinking.It’s brilliant that you have been able to work with dad and for him to be prepared to take on the major caring role for M. You have been able to get to the heart of the matter and to work with the family to reach a solution that puts M first, which is what he desperately needs. (Local Authority)

 Hi chris, I am really sorry to hear you are leaving. Thank you for all you have done for me, and helping me change my perspective on lots of things- I really appreciate it.I wish you the best too and hope you have a good summer break
(School Pupil)

Thank you Chris and thank you for all you have done.(Adoption Support Agency)

Dear Chris, thank you for all your kind support and wisdom, and thank you for the final thoughts. I do feel more robust and will aim to keep discovering. Thank you again, very best wishes, B (Adult Client)

Just wanted to send a quick email, been thinking about it for a while! I wanted to say for a while now a huge thanks for all your work with me. I can’t tell you how much it has helped and I’d hazard to say, dramatically, changed my life! Thanks! You’re the best, I will never forget it! (Adult Client)

“I understand so much more about the abuse I endured and learned about personal boundaries. I felt listened to, respected and cared for.”She feels so grateful for the amazing service she has received that helped save her life”. (Adult Survivor)

Dear Chris, You recently compiled a report regarding my Grandson.
This was extremely useful and we have been able to make some progress on the recommendations you made.

 I am so grateful for all of the help & support you have given him. We can certainly see an enormous difference in his well-being and it feels like he has become more of himself again. I’m delighted that he has worked so well with you, you’ve obviously formed a really good connection together.  It feels odd saying goodbye when actually the parting is the result of something so positive. Thank you, from the depths of my being, for helping D back up to where he deserves to be. (Parent)

 I was walking through town with my girlfriend and walked past your house and it prompted me to message you. Life’s going well, I’m spending far more quality time with my friends, the anxiety is completely gone and I’m now super socially confident, and I’ve got to say that none of this would be possible without you, so thank you for saving me.

As ever, thank you for your work with this family. Shifting parents into a more reflective and therapeutic position has been a challenge but as you share, there are signs of progress and areas to explore. Clearly your work is of benefit and we very selfishly hope you delay that retirement date! (Local Authority)